Hi There! I’m Geoffrey Richard!

I’m currently living in Brussels, Belgium and work for BIPT, the regulator of the telecommunications in Belgium. Opinions are my own.

I’m highly interested in topics related to telecommunications, IT, privacy and technology in general. I’m also interested in topic like journalism, free speech, politics (particularly European politics) and physics (lately, I can’t get enough reading about quantum physics!). I enjoy relaxing playing video games, watching movies and books (sci-fi is my go-to) and having a (belgian!) beer or two.

If you want to email me, my public PGP key fingerprint is 8A1D 1C42 5697 D627 19F3 B076 F438 A852 A621 C1BC. You may find it here, directly with WKD, or on Keybase.io where you can verify my key against my social accounts, domains, …

You can also find me on various messaging apps, send me an email (found in my PGP key) and I’ll get back to you.